Our products are made in Italy: the production and processing of the preparations takes place in our laboratories in Italy, in cooperation with the best American, British and Italian universities.

Every formulation it derives is the result of extensive research and care at all stages of execution.

Our product line aims to diversify by specifically harnessing the properties of hemp and is designed to transfer them, from hemp oil and seeds, some “good” cannabinoids (including CBD) and terpenes in combination with the best ingredients present in the cosmetics market today.

Our treatments meet all the beauty and health needs of the face, body and hair.


– We researched individual formulas to maximize the effects of CBD and its “brothers”. It is an extremely innovative project aimed at bridging the quality gap between the most advanced countries in the use and distribution of hemp-based products.

– Our formulas are designed to synergistically combine the strength of all the active ingredients used in plants to fully solve our skin problems. A bit like the hemp plant itself with its principles on our body, we don’t intervene in one substance but add the strengths of the different ingredients to achieve a better result.

– We can therefore define our products as “tailor-made”. We also use cannabidiol, good cannabinoids and terpenes in a unique way or extracts of varying concentrations. If we want a soothing effect we will not need very high concentrations of CBD, but if we want an anti-inflammatory or anti-aging effect, we will need more concentrations of this fantastic molecule along with specific ingredients for the same intervention.

– All our products are certified by the European Ministry of Health and we have obtained all the best certificates confirming that our products are organic and natural as well as vegan. We always only use what Nature offers us.

– Our products and ingredients are identifiable and we focus on transparency. The entire production chain is easy to identify, as provided for in the applicable Italian and international regulations.

– Note for the customer: A production batch number is indicated on each product, which guarantees the merchant and end customer concerning the quality of the products themselves.

– We examined the texture of each product to create a unique experience. That is why each cream is different from the others: for example, a face cream is fluffy and silky, but after a few massages it absorbs quickly; The body cream is velvety, pleasant to the touch and rich, but is designed for a quick application that allows immediate absorption, which is important for women who use it every day. The hand cream is softening and moisturizing, but most of all it protects the skin of the hands, which is why it is rich and requires additional massage. Nothing is left to chance in our products.

– We use plant-based fragrances, not synthetic products. Our essences are different and original, specific to each treatment, they are delicate but durable, they penetrate our skin for the sustained release of fragrances.

– Our products only come from certified organic farming.

– We use ecological packaging provided by the best specialists in the industry, which guarantee high standards of quality and precision of deliveries.

Finally, we remind you once again that Italy was the second largest cannabis producer in the world and is at the forefront of wellness products.

Italian creativity and craftsmanship are known all over the world.

Canna-bohemia aims to restore the fantastic plant to its ancient splendour through knowledge. We believe that cannabis can help us a lot by improving our quality of life.