CBD Orange

Orange owes its success as much to pure genetics as to its fruity taste full of exotic flavours. Leaning on the side of Sativa, this variety of industrial hemp naturally rich in cannabidiol is please above all by the energy that it provides. A fine example of quiet strength!

If its name does not show anything of its genetics, it nevertheless perfectly illustrates its physical aspect. So the flowers of Orange Bud CBD are characterized by relatively clear buds, largely decorated with orange pistils. This is very literally what the term English means orange bud: an orange bud, in our case loaded with cannabidiol.

Aesthetics is certainly an important aspect, provided that aromas delivered are at least as interesting. For CBD flowers Orange Bud, we thus find marked scents of tropical fruits, for an exotic fruity experience.

Ideal for those new to CBD as well as too enlightened amateurs who want a quality product for regular use.

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