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The CBD flowers Orange Bud owe their success as much to pure genetics as to their fruity taste full of exotic flavours. Leaning on the side of Sativa, this variety of industrial hemp naturally rich in cannabidiol please above all by the energy that it provides. A fine example of quiet strength!


As its name does not indicate, the Orange Bud is a 100% Skunk variety, since it was born from the pure union of two of its representatives in the 1980s. modern cannabis market,Orange Bud is therefore one of the varieties old school. She imposes herself on it like a sativa dominant hybrid emphasizing the energy it provides.

If its name does not show anything of its genetics, it nevertheless perfectly illustrates its physical aspect. So the flowers ofOrange Bud CBD are characterized by relatively clear buds, largely decorated with orange pistils. This is very literally what the term English means orange bud : an orange bud, in our case loaded with cannabidiol.

Aesthetics is certainly an important aspect, provided that aromas delivered are at least as interesting. For CBD flowers Orange Bud, we thus find marked scents of tropical fruits, for an exotic fruity experience.


From an external point of view, a rate of 2-4% CBD in the flowers Orange Bud may seem relatively small. In fact, most species of wild cannabis have cannabidiol levels below a tiny percent. What to ensure the reality of the effects of this product. It must be added that the flowers ofOrange Bud are a unprocessed product : by ordering, you receive whole flowers, obviously containing CBD, but also all the other cannabinoids (CBG in particular) and terpenes, naturally present in the variety.

Together, cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids contribute toentourage effect, according to which the association of molecules makes it possible to benefit from more complete effects and potentially more marked than with a CBD isolate.

Another advantage of flowers Orange Bud between 2 and 4% of CBD: this relatively low rate allows a regular use, to enjoy the calming CBD and fruity aromas of the strain at all times. It is therefore a versatile flower, who ideal for those new to CBD as well as to enlightened amateurs who want a quality product for regular use.


CBD flowers Orange Bud are harvested from legal industrial hemp plants et regularly checked grown under a greenhouse. This obviously responsible mode of farming has many advantages for both the retailer and the end customer. First of all, the greenhouse allows you to take advantage of the natural cycle of the external environment, while optimizing it: heat from the sun, different light intensity day and night or according to the seasons, etc.

On the contrary, it also allows protect flowersOrange Bud from all unwanted external aggressions. Frost and excessive heat are thus avoided, as is the wild pollination of the CBD flowers. Indispensable in nature, pollination would risk, in the case of the very supervised cultivation of cannabis, to hybridize the plants with other varieties that are less or not at all controlled.

The risk is therefore twofold. On the one hand, the quality of the final product can be unstable, both in terms of taste and appearance, and vary from one harvest to another. On the other hand, the cannabinoid level control would become much more difficult to manage. Weedy wishes to deliver to its customers in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and elsewhere exceptional productsstable quality and at the rate of THC strictly less than 0,2%, in the purest respect for European law. This is certainly the case with these CBD flowers Orange Bud


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